I fell in love with pure silk while I was attending Ryerson University as a fashion design student many decades ago. As part of our textile design classes I started to hand paint on silk. I was hooked on the beautiful natural properties of one of the oldest fibres known to man. I have worn silk scarves around my neck ever since. The production of silk originates in China in the Neolithic culture in the 4th millennium BC and has always been associated with Luxury. This environmentally friendly natural fibre can be worn all year round in many climates and conditions ( indoors and outside) The breathable quality of silk allow it to hold in your body heat when you feel cool and release your heat when you feel warm. I have never experienced another fibre that feels feels as soft and lush as silk. Silk is one of nature’s true gifts! As a proponent of classic design , the prints or solids allow your personality to shine. Whether your style is Classic Rebel, Bohemian Arty , Sexy Flirty or Dramatic you are sure to find a favourite in this collection.