Repurposed Fur

Women’s Garments & Accessories from Repurposed Fur

Do you have an old fur coat or other fur items gathering dust in a closet?

Canadian designer Cheryl Straby loves to give old fur a new lease on life. Handbags and purses, hats, vests, throw cushions and teddy bears are some possibilities.

Stop into Strévé Design to see what’s available today, or speak to Cheryl about a custom creation.

A small clutch purse made from repurposed fur.


Remodelled Fur Coat

Remodelled Fur Coat made from a Pre-loved Coat.

Starting at $800

Recycled Vest

Recycled Vest made from a Pre-loved Fur Coat.

Starting at $500

Remodelled Fur Jackets

Remodelled Fur Jacket made from a Pre-loved Coat Lining.

New Leather Sleeves, Front Zippered Closure

Starting at $900

Leather Quilt Hat with Fur Trim

Hat made using quilted leather and recycled fur trim.

Starting at $200

Remodelled Fur Coat

Remodelled Fur Coat made from a Pre-loved Coat

Starting at $700

Fur Handbag / Muff and Headband made from hem area of coat

Starting at $250

Recycled Fur Cape

Recycled fur cape with suede inserts made from a pre-loved coat

Starting at $700

Trapper Hat

Trapper hat made from pre-loved fur with new leather.

Starting at $200

Recycled Fur Teddy Bears

Teddy bears made from pre-loved fur coats.

Starting at $110 to $395

Recycled Fur Cushions

Throw cushions made from a pre-loved fur coat. New leather for reverse side.

Starting at $150

Recycled Fur Pillows

Throw pillows made from a recycled fur coat.

Starting at $150

Recycled Fur Wristlet

Leather Strap and Tassel

Silk Lined

Zipper Closure


Recycled Fur Handbag / Muff

Handbug / muff made from recycled fur with floral detailing.

Starting at $200

Commission a Dress / Ensemble

To start the process of discussing, designing, and creating your dream ensemble, please reach out directly using our contact form or calling the boutique.