ANIMALE Art Show & Vernissage

This show sees four local artists interpreting their favourite subject in four very different styles. The word Animale is derived from French and Latin spellings, and the show includes not only wild mammals but also birds, butterflies and insects.

ANIMALE Vernissage

Sunday, October 20 from 2-4 pm

Meet The Artists and Casual Fashion Show
Kristi Bird will paint in the gallery and Dayle VanAlstine will be joining her while demonstrating needle felting. Jenn Raby will discuss her new book and Caroline Evans will discuss the works in the gallery.
PLUS: No Tax on Animal prints in the boutique!

ANIMALE runs in the gallery until November 4.

Kristi Bird

Wildlife artist Kristi Bird has been painting for over 30 years in Ontario and is passionate about her subject matter. A prolific painter, she has pieces in private collections across Canada.

Caroline Evans grew up in England next to a large woodland and pond with which she became intimately acquainted. Her style is realistic, although odd flings of Fanta and imagination creep into her oil and acrylic paintings. Her work hangs in homes and offices in Wales, England, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Italy.



Jen Raby

Jenn Raby’s works explore many African animals, primarily in Batik and Watercolour. She has been on this journey for more than 40 years. The Batik process can be compared to watercolour, but is much less forgiving.

Dayle VanAlstine is a multi media artist who feels blessed to have recently followed the life long pull of art to find out where it will take her on a serious level. Most recently she has discovered a fascination with working with wool, sculpting the rovings into art dolls and two dimensional works. There is a childlike innocence to her felted rabbits, sheep and butterflies.