Giving Back…

During the past six weeks I have quietly been sewing masks in my design studio while it has been closed to the public! I wanted to give back …. I gave back in the only way that I know how.

The materials that I normally work with are silks, linens, wools and leather. Although luxurious, they are not mask materials! Keeping it local, I bought all my cotton for masks at Perth Fabrics . The wonderful owner Charlotte was gracious and helpful. In addition I also sewed masks for the Perth Hospital and the Carleton Place Hospital Foundation.

I would like to have been able to say that during this time, I worked on my web site, new designs or reorganized my studio workspace and boutique…. but instead I sewed masks! These other things will come in time. The repetitive actions of making a mask got me through my own fears and doubts. It was just what I needed to do to get me through this unusual period.

It got my brain working! I grew to love the beauty of a mask because of the message that it sends. ‘ When I wear a mask I protect you …. When you wear a mask you protect me’. We are really in this together. As I write this message, I am thinking of my store reopening today, all the things I have to work on and all things I really want to do!

I feel good and positive and thankful that I live the beautiful town of Perth and live in Canada of which I am so proud♥️. Take Care of yourself and I hope you can find your own way of living through this unusual period of time.

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